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Location Photography

"A picture is worth a thousand words"...see foot of the page.

How frustrating can it are conducting your own research but you live miles away from Yorkshire. You know from parish registers in which church or chapel your ancestors were baptised, married and buried. You have painstakingly examined the census returns and have established in which, house, farmstead, street, village or town that your ancestors were born, lived and died. You have obtained probate records and title deeds in which are described familial relationships and where these individuals and family units resided...these records also mention properties both personal and business. You know from a variety of other records the occupations, trades or professions in which your ancestors were engaged locally; a mill, a mine, a shop or a farm.

It is quite remarkable that we can now access these records with relative ease. In particular, those records which are now available on the Internet can be accessed from anywhere in the world and at any time of day...or night.

With all of the above mentioned documents and the availability of far more, what more could the modern day researcher possibly wish for?

PHOTOGRAPHS, ILLUSTRATIONS, MAPS, PHOTOGRAPHS, MAPS, PHOTOGRAPHS, ILLUSTRATIONS and perhaps lastly, maybe just a few more photographs of all the places mentioned in those wonderful documents. Because try as you might, you just cannot bring to mind and imagine the environment in which your ancestors lived, worked and played.

This is where our Location Photography service becomes desirable for many researchers. As part of the research service we provide to our clients we are often asked to provide Location Photography as part of their research package. However, what of the genealogist who has conducted their own research but due to their geographical location, either within the UK or in another part of the world, they cannot visit our glorious county to take photographs...they contact Yorkshire Family History of course! To complete your research, we can photograph any edifice; gravestone, church, chapel, house, shop, factory, mill, school, street, village, town, city and any other structure in connection with your research. We can also obtain photographs from the past too...whatever your photographic requirements, in the first instance Contact Us.

Do you recognise any of the places in the photographs?

Left to right:

  • 1) Micklegate, York. 2) St. Cuthbert's, York. 3) St. John's House, Wakefield.
  • 4) Zion Chapel, Wakefield. 5) Edgerton, Huddersfield. 6) St. Andrew's School, Eccles.