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Gifting of Research

For the person who has everything, that is, with the exception of knowing about their family history. Surprise your loved one with a truly lasting gift and a legacy which can be handed down to future generations.

The gifting of research, whether for a birthday or other special anniversary, is a gift that will truly last a lifetime and one which can be added to, by and for future generations. The presentation of a Family Tree Chart or a Family Biography makes Gifting Research particularly suitable for that special act of giving.

We provide the purchaser of the gift with a quality blank card depicting a scene of the old City of York into which is included a certificate recording the type of gift which has been chosen. For example, you might decide to gift our Single Research Project under our Ancestry Research scheme or if you are aware that the recipient of the gift is already engaged in research but is perhaps experiencing some difficulty with certain aspects of their research, the gifting of Research Hours may be more appropriate. Whatever gift you decide upon, once you have given the card to the recipient they can confirm with us precisely what their requirements are, this way we can avoid expending time and funds on any aspects of the family which might already be known to the recipient.

There will be those occasions where you might prefer the gift to be a surprise and in such cases an element of deception and subterfuge may be required by you the purchaser. For example, should you wish for the recipient to receive a completed Family Tree Chart to include details of all current and perhaps recently deceased family members then this information will need to be sought by you and perhaps others without it being drawn to the attention of the recipient. On the other hand, if you can locate one vital piece of family information, say the names and the date of marriage of the recipient’s parents. From this brief information we can conduct research that is appropriate to your purchase. The surprise to the recipient would be how far back in time we have traced his or her ancestors from that particular point in time. From that moment onwards we could discuss directly with the recipient any current or recent individuals which they would like to include on the final work.

As the purchaser of the gift, you should keep in mind the fact that research can be time-consuming, therefore you need to purchase your gift and leave sufficient time for the research to be conducted. In these circumstances we will make every effort to meet a given deadline. As an example you will see from the Ancestry Research page that a Single Research Project will usually take between 8 and 12 weeks to complete but it would be better to err on the side of caution just in case any research difficulties might arise.

If you are ready to order your gift please proceed directly to Our Fees page...should you have a query about our gift service, please don't hesitate to Contact Us, we will be delighted to assist in any way we can.