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Research by the hour

Whatever your reason might be for requiring an hourly rate of research we are able to cater for any personal research requirement.

  • There will be those who have conducted or who are conducting their own research and have come up against the ubiquitous brick wall in their research.
  • Your research efforts might be successful but due to geography you now require some records to be examined in some far flung county records office.
  • You might even wish to have your research conducted but have no requirement for a pedigree chart and therefore our all inclusive research projects are inappropriate for your particular needs.

In our experience the most successful campaigns of research are those with a budget of 8 hours or more. This allows for a measure of meaningful research to be conducted while also providing you with the most cost effective solution due to the full fee reduction being applied! Therefore be sure to notice the availability of our graduated fee reduction up to and including the purchase of 8 hours, together with the availability of even further reductions when purchasing subsequent hours.

If you are ready to order or to enquire about selective hourly research, please proceed either to Our Fees page or Contact Us with your research query.

Client Testimonial

Thank you for the good work you have done on this project...I am very grateful for your fine work.

D. Bickings, Arkansas, U.S.A.