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Unlike a Family Tree Chart, which essentially is the instrument by which the lineage of one particular lineal family is documented, a Birth Brief or Pedigree Chart documents only the direct ancestors of an individual. In other words, a birth brief or a pedigree chart will perhaps commence with a brief record of oneself, then a similar record of each of your parents followed by similar information for each of your four grandparents, followed by each of your eight great grandparents and then your sixteen great great grandparents and so on.

Of course everyone has two parents, four grandparents, eight Gt. grandparents, sixteen Gt. Gt. grandparents, thirty two Gt. Gt. Gt. grandparents then 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024 and so on. Roughly speaking and of course depending upon your own age, but if you were born say in 1950 and we determine that one generation equates to approximately a thirty year period then by the time we are back to the period when the Domesday Book was completed (1080) then every individual now living has a staggering 536,870,912 (more than five hundred million) 27 x Gt. grandparents (see below to download the Generation Table).

The above is a mind boggling number but your relationship to each of them is exactly the same. By that I mean, you are no less related to your mother than you are to your father, although in the majority of cases in western culture a child inherits the surname of its father. To put it another way, your mother's, mother's, mother's mother is no less related to you than your father's, father's, father's father even though most individuals will have inherited the same surname as the paternal line of their father.

Given all of the above, genealogical research, whether tracing one or more of your lineal ancestral surnames, such as that of your father and that of your mother or whether your research entails the research of your direct ancestors in order to develop your own birth brief, none of us could live long enough to be able to trace all of the individuals who have been involved in your birth.

The research involved in searching out your direct ancestors is much the same as the research required for the research of one family or one surname back through time. The only difference is that research of multiple lines is undertaken without too much reference being made at this stage to the siblings of your direct ancestors unless of course researching a sibling might assist in uncovering information about the direct ancestor.

The research fees for following the multiple direct family lines for a birth brief chart to be compiled are much the same as for the research of one family line or one surname and such research can either be conducted as a Research Project as in our Ancestry Research programme or research can be conducted on an Hourly Rate basis the fees for which are located on Our Fees page.

If you are ready to order research of your Birth Brief you can make your purchase by going to Our Fees page or if you have any queries go to our Contact Us page.

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