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Family Biographies (Compiled Genealogies)

"A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots." Marcus Garvey

At Yorkshire Family History we are able to provide an exclusive Family Biography service. This is a very personal service, the results of which many intend to hand down to future generations and many of our clients like to be involved with certain aspects of their family biography. At the foot of the page you will find a small selection from the many Family Biography bindings that we have available for your finished volume...simply click on any photograph to enlarge it.

Importantly, while many of our clients for whom we have conducted research do decide to take advantage of our Family Biography service, the service is also available to those who might have conducted their own research but perhaps don’t have the means or the desire to compile their own Family Biography.

During the course of our research, ideas for a Family Biography begin to formulate. However, it is isn’t until we have either completed your research and traced your family as far as we able, or perhaps as far back as you wish, that we will begin to create your detailed Family Biography. The nature of such a biography means that it will commence from the earliest known ancestor, which by default often means the last ancestor to be located in our research. Unlike a Family Tree Chart, which essentially is a visual snapshot of the family, the Family Biography is a much more detailed and in-depth biographical account of the family. The depth of detail is of course determined by how much information we have been able to glean about the family and also on how much time you would like us to spend on its compilation. Some generations will be more interesting than others, while some individuals within a generation may have led more colourful lives than others. Above all, the Family Biography is the instrument by which you will learn much more about your ancestors.

As part of our Family Biography service, whether you have engaged us to conduct your research for you or whether you have conducted your own research, we may find the need to conduct a measure of further investigation with a view to dotting the ‘i’s and crossing the ‘t’s in the story.

Once your Family Biography is complete it can be bound in any way that you wish, we can have it commercially printed and hand-bound for you in whatever quality you prefer or it can be handed to you raw in either a hard copy format or as a computer file so that you can arrange the printing and binding yourself. Any associated costs for us having it bound for you are simply charged back to you at cost, our remuneration is generated purely from the compilation of the work.

You can submit your individual requirements to us by e-mail and attachments or by letter and photocopies, please go to our Contact Us page.