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Ancestry Research

Just as every family is unique the associated paper trail which follows their ancestral lineage is equally so and because the outcome of any research cannot be predicted with certainty our fees are based upon the length of time we spend on each project.

Each research assignment is tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients and we go out of our way from the outset to determine your precise requirements. If you choose to commission an in depth research project with Yorkshire Family History, typically when this is complete (approximately 3 months), although very much dependent upon the nature of the research query, in most cases you will receive a copy of your family tree printed on calligraphy paper and suitable for framing. Examples of these can be viewed on and downloaded to your computer; please follow the links at the foot of our Family Tree Charts page.

Research Project Options

Within the confines of the research project(s) you have chosen we will extend the knowledge of your ancestry as far back in time as we are able and for this purpose we offer a choice of graduating fee reductions for our research projects: For example, the purchase of a Single Research Project and the subsequent purchase of any additional single research projects is £395 per project. However, if you purchase Two Research Projects at the outset this will cost only £720, while the most cost effective purchase of Three Research Projects at the outset is only £ other words, due to the reductions applied, the final project has a unit cost of only £280. If you choose to take advantage of the fullest possible fee reduction by purchasing three research projects at the outset and you then decide to continue with your research still further back in time, the cost of all subsequent research projects purchased thereafter will be at the fully reduced cost of £280. Should you wish to concentrate research on more than one surname, say that of both of your parents, we would recommend the purchase of two research projects! A number of our clients have commissioned us to research the family lines of each of their four grandparents and in some cases each of the parents of a husband and wife, in these circumstances we would recommend that you commence with the most cost effective purchase of three research projects in the knowledge that any further projects you may decide upon will be at the full fee reduction.

No matter what combination of research projects you decide upon, when your research is concluded we will provide:

  • a research report containing the results of your research; this is most often provided on an 'on-going' basis as your research progresses.
  • a unique Family Tree Chart (pdf version for clients who have purchased 2 or 3 research projects); this can be printed to Fine Art Paper at an additional cost
  • copies of all documents acquired during the course of our investigations
  • advice on any continuing genealogical investigations on which you might decide.

    Single Research Project

    Many of our clients will be content with the research that is possible within the confines of a Single Research Project which takes between 8 and 12 weeks to complete. How far we are able to research back in time will of course depend on the point from which our research commences. For example, your knowledge of the family may already extend, say into the late 1800's, conversely you may know virtually nothing of your ancestry. We will commence your research from your earliest known ancestor, whether from a parent or a Gt. Grandparent. Generally speaking, from the point where our research commences, within the confines of a Single Research Project we would expect to extend the knowledge of your ancestors back a further three to five generations.

    No matter how many Research Projects you decide to purchase they can be associated with the production of a Family Biography and this is where your family history will really come alive...if you will pardon the pun. we can discover your ancestors, we require!

    A recent client had only his own birth certificate from which we commenced our investigations. However, the majority of individuals can often cite their ancestry from available family documents going back two or three generations and in some cases further still. In order that we can make effective use of your chosen budget it is important for you to advise us of what you already know about the family. Obvious examples would be the dates and places of vital events such as birth, marriage and death although any other significant information about the family could be useful. If available you can provide us with copies of pertinent documentation such as birth certificates and the like. All of this information can be dispatched to us by e-mail with attachments or by letter and photocopies, whichever is the most convenient for you.

    N.B. Please do not send original copies of your documents in the mail in case they become lost or damaged. Photocopies in the mail or scanned copies as email attachments are adequate for our purpose. we can discover your ancestors, what next?

    All set for your ancestral journey; navigate directly to Our Fees page and choose your research option or Contact Us with your research query.

Client Testimonial

Thank you so much for the marriage record and for so clearly explaining the research. Your research has been detailed and thorough and you have been so helpful. Thank you again.

S. Forbes, Oregon, U.S.A.