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Standard Family Tree Charts (Drop Line Charts)

Yorkshire Family History family tree charts are unique, so much so that many of our research competitors, who don't have either the means or the desire to create family tree charts, use our service for the crafting of family tree charts for their clients.

We are able to create a beautifully crafted family tree chart depicting your ancestry. Every aspect of our charts, from the overall design, the choice of borders and fonts to the final printing is all dealt with in-house at our research office. In addition to providing our clients with an Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) version of their Family Tree Chart to store and view on their computer we can also provide a superb quality printed copy of their chart. Our Family Tree Charts are printed locally at York Digital Image onto top quality Fine-Art paper. Their design and size - either the standard A2 chart or for larger charts A1 - means they are ideally suited for framing; the framing service is also provided to us by York Digital Image. For closer scrutiny of a chart or to download a sample to your computer, click on a sample at the foot of this page.

Importantly, if you have chosen a series of Research Projects (minimum of two) then you will automatically receive a Family Tree Chart as an integral part of that service. Additionally, if you have chosen one of our Research Projects and you wish to include information pertaining to current and recent generations of your family, this information can also be included so that your Family Tree Chart will be complete right down to your youngest nearest and dearest.

Large Family Tree Charts

Yorkshire Family History can also create Family Tree Charts much larger than the above standard size; if you have chosen our multiple Research Project option then occasionally it may be necessary for us to create a larger Family Tree Chart to accommodate all of the additional information we find...we provide these large charts as an Adobe Acrobat (pdf) file. However, as with our Standard Chart size we can have any size of chart printed on fine-art paper, typical larger sizes include A1 (33.1" x 23.4") and A0 (46.8" x 33.1"), or if you prefer you can take the pdf file along to your local high street print shop to have your chart printed on any paper or parchment of your choosing...the largest such chart we have created to date, was 60" x 48".

Family Tree Charts...from your own information

You may have conducted your own research but you don’t have the means to create your own Family Tree Chart. If the family information you provide to us can be accommodated on a standard size chart then we charge a fixed fee for the production of a chart plus print, packaging and postal costs. However, the compilation of a large Family Tree Chart on which multiple family lines or many collateral branches are required to be recorded, can be quite intricate. In such cases we can advise on the best way of arranging the constituent branches on the chart and should your information be greater than that which can be comfortably accommodated on our standard size chart, then just as with our large Family Tree Charts service, we charge for these on an individual basis. If you would like a quotation for such a chart we would be pleased to receive details of the information you require to be shown on the chart, this will be at no obligation to yourself.

If you are ready to order or to enquire about the production of your Family Tree Chart, please proceed to Our Fees page or go to our Contact Us page.

Client Testimonial

We are totally thrilled with the presentation of the family tree chart, thank you again, you have been a pleasure to deal with!

S. Elbogen, West Yorkshire, England