About Us

About Us

Yorkshire Family History...providing quality genealogical expertise for 40 years.

Commercials for some of the large subscription databases indicate that genealogical research is easy - you simply “type in” what you already know and the database will do the rest! Those ads might sell subscriptions but they are incredibly misleading. Getting beyond that “low-hanging fruit” is not so easy as suggested - collecting the records and data needed to delineate a family tree accurately requires time, organisation and informed researching. Records are available from many places, including many non-Internet sources, therefore finding them can never be a "one-stop shopping" experience.

The wealth of research experience which has been attained by our resident professional is at your disposal and whilst we fully embrace use of the Internet to assist in our investigations, our vast research experience pre-dates the Internet by many years and therefore we are equally at home with research of original documentation which is deposited at the many archival repositories within the county and beyond. Serious researchers will always look beyond the Internet in search of original records...learn how we can help you discover your Yorkshire Ancestors.

Many years of experience by our research professional together with localised access to a countrywide network of national, county and local archival repositories is at our disposal to assist us in tracing your family tree.

Our professional approach to researching your family history requires us to make full use of all available genealogical resources and techniques both old and new and in this regard Yorkshire Family History offers first class expertise and experience in the field of genealogical research.

At Yorkshire Family History we provide a high-quality, professional research service for anyone with Yorkshire ancestry. A choice of research projects is available.